Nick Pizzola - Council Member - Langhorne Manor Borough

Re-elect Nick Pizzola for Langhorne Manor Borough council on Election Day, November 7, 2023.  Learn the many ways to Vote before Election Day, track your Vote online to be sure your vote is counted and sign up with the state to receive election updates and deadlines.

  • Wife Sue
  • Owner of the real estate management co., TPR homes, LLC 
  • Langhorne Manor Borough resident for 35 years 
  • Council member for 23 years – Nick’s background in finance, while being Chairman of the Budget Committee, allows him to use his skills to make sure we continue to make improvements in Langhorne Manor Borough in a fiscally responsible way. 
  • Former judge of elections for 10 years
  • Nick’s desire is to “maintain the wonderful small town feel of living in a place where residents are united in preserving its history and heritage while welcoming to new residents to our community.”
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